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Mad Truckers

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Our hero is a clerk in one of major New York companies; he's extremely depressed by everyday routine. No wonder that when he gets a truck and a small cargo transport business as an inheritance from his uncle, he decides to change all his life dramatically and departs to the center of the country.

Upon arrival, he finds out that in the small town where he's about to carry on his uncle's business there is another shipping company owned by a very unpleasant guy. All local shippers have been forced to sell their businesses to that person at a very low cost, only your uncle's firm remains independent. You have rejected his offer, thus you understand that there will be no easy life for you from this moment, but this fact encourages you even more.

Try to raise your business and survive in this cruel world of trucking industry!

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I found this to just be an okay game. What I thought was weird was how it was too mundane. I guess I thought you were supposed to destroy the other cars. That would have made it more fun. Wow, that brings back memories of "Twisted Metal II". The graphics weren't bad.

I thought it was pretty well designed. It's a bit hard to get into something like this. I want more explosions! I guess I need to learn to appreciate how fun mundane things can do. Well, I'm still occasionally killing people here.

KAPOO!! 7!.....

I agree with rybot69, there are many things this game needs. Lyk wat about all this money ur getting from the contracts? Why cant u spend that money on upgrades for the truck? But watever all in all it was a fairly good game.

too easy

Its too easy you can beat a level by holding the UP key
but a kinda good game

Pretty good, but repetitive

It's fun, but it gets old. The story is nice, and I like how new enemies come as you progress, but all you really do is drive a truck around. Sure, you can swing the back of your truck around and smash cars out of the road(or just maul them from behind if you have armor to spare), but you can't throw Molotov cocktails out the window and laugh at your enemies' cars exploding in a fiery explosion (perhaps blowing other cars out of the way, too) or hire a thug to ride shotgun and carry a shotgun (or perhaps a rifle) to blast away rival companies.

Oh well. The graphics are good. (although the truck flies over trees and houses)

Some minor things wrong with the game:
As I said before, the truck flies over houses and trees.
A missile flew through my truck once, but it's no big deal.
It's way too hard. If you want to go fast (at top speed) and make your deadline, you have around half a second to react to some tiny pothole that'll ultimately kill you.
Those cars are really suckers for punishment. Once I had to bash a red car five times before it died (although two or three times it just rammed me from the back).
There's no continue button...

Not bad!

That was a pretty fun game. Could stand to be polished a bit more though. Maybe add some elements like upgrading your truck or choosing different cargos.

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3.95 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2007
6:04 AM EDT