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Maplestory Brawl Preview

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Nexon has released a new PvP! Everyone in MapleStory has gotton into a battle digest!
This is FPS 24.
Don't mind the fast thing.

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it made me LOL because it sucked so much. it was funny that noob girl that got her head fucked off.


well i couldn't say it was good and i didn't really understand what was going on. the GM's message was too fast and blurry, but one day you'll make it if you use the time to do it. ( when i say if you use the time to do it i meant you stop rushing to do it. ) thats why its not good. Have you tried bannedstory? a programme for making maple story shorts or movies. they can help you make your way to being a great maple story movie maker and do work on your story dont just blurt it out. take your time. whos gonna stop you? ( you do realise i took 5 mins to write this review right? )

Hmm Maple

I give you a 7 cause our flash movies are similar in ways such as Gaia and Maple. I see you're taking the basic route and doing the screen tweening as much as possible. I know you can do better so keep pushing yourself to the next level.

PicoZX responds:

Lol how you know?
Thanks for the review.
I'll keep pushing my self to the next level.

wtf this has a 3.06?

Maybe I should submit my youtube animations if its this easy to get into ng now >_> lol

um use bannedstory you can like get sprites of your character its sorta like a cash shop when you open it then like you can make it do w/e frame you want the you can ss it lol if you got ss straight off maple then you worked a little too much =/ lol my series is on youtube I'm one of the first bannedstory animators spritefan2 lol seen my mapling times?

meh I'll give you a 7 since I'm too nice and its like your first maple thing lol

PicoZX responds:

Thanks for the review.
I did use BannedStory for the thief who stole the snowboard.
And other characters.

Now I want to punch a baby

Im confused as to what was supposed to be happening. and that text at the end was too fast (or blury) to read. I gave it a chance but this one fails. study a wee bit more and keep trying.