Dark Pendulum [Prologue]

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Author Comments

EDIT #1: Fixed some bugs, cleared up the dialog.

This is a prologue for the series, introducing the main character as well as giving you a little taste of what's to come. It took about 3 days to make and finalize, using the sprites from an MMORPG called Maple Story.

All images are copyright of Nexon, ripped by MapleDump, put together by me.

Expect episode 1 within the next couple weeks.

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very good

Don't get any voice actors, in fact it might ruin the whole feel of the story. Its great, especially the tension and how it builds up to the assassin scene, but the cut off wasn't expected at all. It makes you feel like "Wha-? What happened? Did it not load all the way? Oh, its over". So an ending transition will definitely be helpful. Like Qwertyuiopasd said for the black screen dialogue have some colors for the words to differentiate the speakers, otherwise some people will be lost and others will follow. In general very good; the animation is good, the character style is great, the black screen is good, and the plot looks very promising. Keep up the work, looking forward to your submissions and don't dissapoint. :)

Suepense is the mood i sense.

If you actually make a series/video folloiwng this you will make SO many people happy. This looks like it could be a GREAT story. You must make the series or you will make Toasty cry. Also: y0urm07h3r1s4n00b
Don't post stupid questions that you could easily look up in a dictionary, and if you were kidding, sorry.


i watched it first at youtube and uhh kinda boring and whats a pendulum? :D

You're my new best friend.

I was surprised to see my song was used in a flash. it's kind of a weird way to watch an animation, but hey, apparently it worked. I like where the story seems to be going. the sprites are good. as far as this animation itself as a movie...

Voice actors are always good. Good ones can be hard to find, but make sure people know you're looking. and if you're going to do text, perhaps have different people use different color texts, and use speach bubbles or something. at least, that's what I'd do.

also, it needs a better ending slide. the switching between words and action made for good tension, but then it just kind of goes to a black screen. something with better timing and "TBC" would be good.

but, do wahtever you want, I'm just giddy that you used my song. :D can I create anything else for your story? :P



Tancuras responds:

Look at me, I finally figured out how to add a golden-text review reply :D

Anyway, thanks a ton for the rating, I really wasn't expecting this to get a 3 =/ It was so short I didn't have room to use the full potential of my resources, and it was a bit rushed (3 days), I was just happy to get SOMETHING uploaded.

I am planning to get voice actors, but lip-syncing with sprites is going to be hard. The series has a depthful storyline, meaning lots of speech. But lots of action, too :) Episode 1 is going to rock your socks if you liked this one, don't worry.

And, hey, if you've got a voice, maybe you could help me a bit with that >P



Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2007
6:24 PM EDT
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