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1b The Hideous Plot

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Author Comments

Hey there! We are proud to present to you the next part in the first Team Excellent story.
It's taken a little while, but we're pleased with it, and as far as we can tell it's not broken this time :P
Please watch and enjoy and review, we really wanna hear from ya.

Usual warnings apply: bad language, some violence and some seriously offensive fake accents.

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I really loved how well it was done, very good at fluency and very good at animation, what's more, this one deserved many more visits and many votes!!!

Good job

a 10 because i dont want to ruin your score!

Pandas ARE cute!

Is Franz a guy... or did (s)he get a voice box transplant???

nice job with the animation, It kept me entertained the whole time too, but some of the voices were hard to understand through these animations.

Nice job

The animation and fps, and action scenes are really good. The humor is sub-par and that's mostly because of the awkward dialogue that drags on when the characters are standing still, especially in the first few minutes. It feels more like the characters are reading lines off a script rather than actually having a conversation.

But I did enjoy watching it and you obviously put alot of effort into this so you get top marks. Lookin forward to the next episode. :)

teamexcellent responds:

Haha; awkward dialogue, huh? You'd HATE part a :P
Yeah, well, fair point. We've already got the next couple episodes written out, but after we're through with those, we'll probably have a better feel for the characters and I'll hopefully end up writing better scripts because of it.
Being hilariously funny was never really the aim of TE, just cause we know we're never gonna be, I dunno, Evil Josh & Billy or something. We just want a well-rounded, vaguely story-based Flash cartoon and most importantly a vehicle for all our stupid half-baked ideas and in-jokes, that's hopefully some fun for other people to watch as well :P
Ta for the comments, and for the 10 :D We did put a lotta effort into it, so it's appreciated :)
Especially glad you like the action scenes... cause they caused me serious headache and I was never sure whether they worked quite right. Good to know I'm on the right track as far as that's concerned...!


I loved the animation. This is exactly what newgrounds needs more of; People who put time and effort into Flash Videos. Keep it UP!!! (Oh and I have some ideas if you qwant some... just mail me at killer_snail_with_a_jetpack@yahoo.com if you want t.

teamexcellent responds:

You liked it? Yay! You're right about the "time" thing fer sure, but people I've never met enjoying it makes it worthwhile, for me anyway, probably the other guys too :)
Ideas, eh? Intriguing. Well, like I said to the other guy, we've already got the next coupla episodes scripteded up, but when we're through with those I might drop you a line! :P