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Press Start: Megabusted

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Press Start: Bonus Levels

On their quest to find the prophecy boy, Sam and Lin-Ku need information from a surly but familiar Drunk. Includes the Press Start movie trailer!


Only at www.PressStartMovie.com

"Press Start: Bonus Levels" is a monthly animated series based on videogame comedy movie "Press Start"

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So this was an entertaining piece with lots of vibrant happenings going on and that bar lol oh poor bar well I do have to say is that the idea here was good and the joke was well executed I would love more humor more jokes maybe that would even make this longer too this was just an idea overall you have a brilliant piece here and a brilliant very nice work

Some more humor and more jokes


I loved this cartoon. It's just a single joke, but it works so fantastically. Oh, and thanks for the preview at the end. I love how this escalates. It did seem like the floor was the best solution. Well, they would have destroyed the bar either way.

I love that Level 21 joke on the bar sign. Yeah, look for it. I wish Sam would take her helmet off more. It's kind of distracting. Well, I guess it's meant to be like Samus.

Wait what

Sams a girl no... woah


Samus (Sam) can't stand people mistaking her for a dude =P

great episode

Sam is a girl? cool, aw i liked this bar
I like how outside it says, must be Level 21 or higher to enter
best part of the trailer "Why'd you let him hit you?" "It was his turn,"