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52 Million Pick Up

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Author Comments

this is about a bad game gone worse

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Nice... 52 pickup sucks enough....


That was too funny just seeing the look on the two guys' faces and throughout the whole flash i was dying in laughter,ingenius.


If a hot girl gave me a Bj I'd play. But I'm desperate.

So simple...

But one of the most hilarious concepts in a flash movie I have ever seen. I really appreciate this flash because it was short in length, yet it had a great punchline and plot. Your characters kinda scared me though, but they are similar to the way I draw, so I guess I can let it slide. When the cars were piling up and the man on the left's facial expression changed, I was cracking up! Anyway, keep up the awexome work!


...was genius.

You didn't just make a bad game worse. You made it fifty-two million times better, too!