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Tic Tac Toe Cubed

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Author Comments

I've decided to make this game more of a game than an experiment. I've loaded it with graphics, added an awesome audio to it, (main source of the filesize) I've improved the computer, made the 3D grid a click-and-drag instead of it moving the entire time, and added a menu button. I hope you enjoy this version of Tic Tac Toe. I'm currently working on an Actionscript 3.0 version with faster calculations and more options, hopefully.

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Takes the old game and makes it so much more challenging.

It's a bit bland when it comes the graphics, but it's tic tac toe,I wasn;t expecting any more. I quite liked how most if not all was made using AS.

The sound was fun and cool. well suited

THe actual game play itself was great worked perfect and was fun, thats all you could ask for

=Review Request Club=

CaptinChu responds:

Agreed. Graphics are bland. I don't know how I can spice it up. I'll think about that.

Unbalanced. Work on the rules&mechanics.

6-6, 6-3, 7-1. I started a couple of games trying to get the computer to not get any lines, but it doesn't seem possible.

This was an interesting twist on the classic game, but I prefer 'normal' 3D knots and crosses (4x4x4, get 4 in a row).

With this game, going first is too much of an advantage and for me that sorta ruined the game. Maybe a game should be comprised of 2 rounds - you start, then they start - and the points added up? Or maybe you could work out a points system (say 10*yourScore-5*their score) and we'd be playing to maximise that? Or use a handicap? Or fill the central space wih a neutral colour (or 'wildcard')?

The 3D bit was fairly impressive (even though I couldn't get it to rotate upwards, if you see what I mean) and the coding seemed fairly solid.

The graphic design could certainly be improved, but I think you've got to first sort out the mechanics.

This could be a great game.

-Review Request Club-

CaptinChu responds:

I like the wildcard/neutral idea. I'll think about its implementation.

Tutorial level please

Okay, so you've given us the whole setup of the game and it does play nicely, both in computer and 2-player method. I would suggest that you do the following:

1) Give us a tutorial level, explaining exactly how the scoring is worked. I knew about the 'traditional' rules for Tic-tac-toe, but the unconventional nature of this beast would need something to tame it.

2) Indications of which layer of the cube was which is needed, because when you're playing and sometimes you get the cube almost mirrored, you spin it around and it becomes very easy to click in the wrong square , giving away too many points to your opponent.

Maybe spread the 3D model about a bit more, so you can see it better, it does look a little cluttered up in the top-left.

[Review Request Club]

CaptinChu responds:

Will do. Thanks for the review!

needs work

I encountered two problems. I did not find the controls for moving the cube intuitive. Also, I still needed to remember where I'd played before to choose a new position correctly. The only information provided by the right-hand matrices came from the pointer which changed if a position was no longer selectable. I became disoriented easily, which eroded my curiousity for your 3d tic-tac-toe.

Changing to points was an appropriate decision to extend the length of the game, but as another reviewer pointed out, neither that or the 3rd dimension changes the problem that tic-tac-toe isn't a very interesting game for adult players. I believe you'd need to introduce a gimmick, some humor or fancy presentation, such as the recent Mastermind game did, to make this game fun.
[Review Request Club]

CaptinChu responds:


That's brilliant. Now I just need to think of a gimmick.


It's definatly an intresting idea to have and is set out very well which is good to see, though there is one thing that bothers me about this, it is quite hard to tell from the 3D version where everything is and the 2D charts aren't all that easy to tell either, though maybe spending more time on playing, I'd pick it up.

The music is pretty good and the gameplay is pretty good, as well as the 3D version being pretty cool looking, lol. So good job on that and on much of everything here. Not sure on what you could improve here, much of it seems good enough already.



= Review Request Club =

CaptinChu responds:

I was thinking of adding a glowing box for each cubicle place every time you hovered over a 2D part. With what I knew at the time I made this, I couldn't very easily do that, but the next version may have a feature like this.

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2007
7:51 PM EDT