Cosmic Trail

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[New: Modified tutorial based on early reviews]

Souled and I have finished our first ever collaboration, Cosmic Trail! Having been in production for far longer than expected, we are proud to present this game for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Artwork was by theafroguy and programming was by souled.

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Interesting Game..

It was a good idea for a flash game, but had a lot of flaws that really cut on my enjoyment. Such as:

- No interactivity in music. There was no mute button, nor other choices of song. Just an annoying loop.

- The graphics. I saw that you even got a separate person for these, but they were still disappointing. It looked like you got most of the stuff from Google Images, and even then the background seemed bad quality. Also, there could be a different level for each background?

- The controls were annoying. Though you might have meant for it to be hard to get used to, it's best if it's just simple. This might have made a better game if you could only go left, right, up, and down, and no annoying controls (pacman type controls.)

- The HitTest you used was also irritating, I could get hit, or the meteor could hit me, when it was no-where near even touching it.

- The Menu was good but seemed plain, and you could have added a glow effect or an outline to make it more readable when you died, because you couldn't see it properly with the background.

It had potential, and I played it for a few minutes, but it had a lot of flaws and bugs.

theafroguy responds:

All good points, apart from your criticism of the graphics - the space image may have come straight off NASA's (excellent) image bank, but I hand-drew the spaceship and asteroids in Photoshop. So there. Nyah nyah nyah. But no, seriously, we'll consider the rest of your points in a possible sequel. Thanks for your feedback.

Good idea but....

It was a nice idea but its a bit too hard and the control are a bit jerky.

Not that bad

It was actually kind of fun but I have two problems. The first is that the ship is to big. The second is that when I leave the place where I start I die right away because there to close. Make more area to play maybe.

cool idea

but you should remake the game. the sprite for the ship is WAY too big. (the part you can't see) so the asteroids run into you when they're way either to the side, in front, or even sometimes behind. work a little harder on this, then try re-releasing it.


it was ok, graphics not bad but not great the physics are a littel wierd to ger used to but it was kinda easy, but to tell you the truth i'd rather shoot lazer beams muahaha

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2.56 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2007
4:37 PM EDT
Action - Other