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Scribble States!

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Scribble the states in order, then try to guess what you just drew! Using the previous Scribble style in gameplay, the challenge has expanded to both drawing and identification. Based on your own drawing ability and oh-so keep intellect, you'll score points for speed and accuracy. If you feel a bit more confident, try to tackle state capitals or even state nicknames.
Controls: Mouse to move and draw, P to Pause
Developed by Armor Games Inc.
Programmed by jmtb02

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Well It's alright,Well you can't blame me for not knowing the states that I took a star away.It is kinda a fun game but does it even show my state(Ohio)?

It's good...

Except filling in the answers was annoying. You could make that you have to circle the answer instead of filling it.

I'm not an American (Nor Canadian. Nor Mexican. I won't tell you where I'm from 'cause I'm embarrassed. It's Europe.) I'm twelve. I SCORED AN A. (with all the states, no rotating, only names and slow timer) Take that!

Good, but only for USA

I enjoyed the draw part, but not the guess one. Why only USA states?
The only states I could guess correctly were Florida and California.
This game would be better (and easier) if there were world countries and not USA states...

But anyways it's okay. And I loved the banjo music. It reminds me of Texas (although I've never been there)


Good game, but i dont understand why i need to know the states. CANT I JUST BE ENTERTAINED???

Pretty enjoyable

I live in the UK so I found this quite fun and enjoyable, I didn't get a very high score but not a low one but I found this to be the best educational game on this site.