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Designed and built this game using simple elastic physics, there are only seven levels but I hope to add more,
(Please be nice in critisising my work!)
Im goin to get started on stretch two now (re-stretched?)
i'll make it get easier faster and give you lives, i'll also add physics altering drugs
to make you move faster etc,
Thanks for the comments!
(Re-Stretched is now out! It is far better than this one)


wtf no fair

sometimes it restarts on its oen even wen i dont touch the walls

Cool but needs more improvement

This game is good, better than the re-stretched in terms of ease (the walls are more regular), but it has too much grey. It's too simple and you should change the way some levels are disposed! Most of them look the same - the only difference is the size of the walls. Try to make a large variation of levels! Make them different from each other, it's much funnier to feel like you are playing a completely different level everytime you move ahead! :)

good physics

sometimes tough but i like the flow

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Needs much improvement...

The idea is good, you just need to improve the game:
1) Start getting only slightly harder in the first few levels. If i wanted to complete the second level, id've had to have moved my mouse perfectly across one pixel for me to get past the level, which is too much too soon. Get challenging by about the 4th level here.

2) EXTREMELY basic! There was a lot of grey, making the game seem really dull and boring.

3) Put the instructions next to the play button, because i didnt even see it (lol)

Albeit, this game needs quite a lot of work, but id like to see you pull it off, by making this game really enjoyable.
Idea is good but needs to be developed.

Good idea but...

I like the idea, but you need to add more to it. Maybe you can have more challenges and more interaction.

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2.49 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2007
4:26 PM EDT
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