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The Road to King

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Author Comments

Become a king! Your are the son of a king and now it is finally your turn to rule the kindom. But first, you have to go on the road that many before have went on and only those who passed it became kings.

Use different guns to help you on your quest, battle against many enemies in different places. At the end of each stage, there is a boss who must be beaten to advance. Beware! They are strong!

Discover your father's past as you go on throughout the game. If you get bored of the main game, try the different missions and finish them all. On the top right of the game screen, you can change quality if the game is slow and turn the sound on and off.

Have fun playing the game!

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A couple of large glitches but still a solid game

There are a couple of very big glitches- one with the second boss (i found hitting play started the fight anyways but the mushrooms in the fight did nothing and when i won it started the fight over again >.>) And during the first boss if you did it right you could get behind the walls and stand behind where his arms could get you shooting him like crazy and jumping when the spikes came making him uber easy i think if you can fix these i might come back and finish up the storyline mode :) i really think you should fix it and also when i bought the rocket launcher i just had the normal gun when i started the level that REALLY bugged me.

not too bad

this is not too bad but i like it!

Abs55 responds:

Thanks :)


The good things: I liked the way you shoot, the shopping idea and the little rock monsters. The graphic was also very well.

The bad thing: The cactus monster couldn't die.

I give you 5/5 in vote, and 8/10 here.
Make more of this!

Abs55 responds:

Thanks for the review :) The cactus monster could only die if you hit his arms when they fly out of the shield. That was the trick. I'm in the process of making another game, probably a shooting game like this. Thanks for voting as well.


Dear artist. The Good: cool music which is actully one of my favs. And the weapons were cool. The Improve: You could improve the grapics and there are some glicthes. Still cool game.

Abs55 responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked the music because that made a big part of the scene. You should check out the other music from the artists. I will improve the graphics next time and will thoroughly check through the game for any glitches.


The good parts: I think the graphics were okay. The background looked pretty good (especially the sky in the desert level) and the things on the foreground looked alright too. Also, it´s very nice that this game has a save option. I didn´t have to start over from the beginning now in case I got stuck or anything, that was good. What kind of suprised me in a positive way was that I found very few bugs. I expected a lot of things wouldn´t work properly, but this wasn´t the case.

The bad parts: I didn´t found my bugs like I just said. But sadly I found one very big one. I got stuck in the story mody at the second boss :( During the conversation the screen suddenly turned black, the music kept playing and nothing else happened. I reloaded my game, tried for a second time and again the screen turned black. You should take a look at this. Also, I think you might get stuck if you don´t have any ammo in a stage where you have to kill all enemies or destroy some of those platforms. It didn´t happen to me, luckily, but it would be a shame if you have to quit your game for that. You should allow us to go back to the shop or make the handgun have unlimited ammo. Another bad point was that the normal enemies were way too easy to defeat. Those rocks and mushrooms only moved up and down and from the right the left a little, they didn´t seem to be attacking or anything. I was hit only once by them and my only concern in the game was my ammo amount. So try to make the enemies stronger.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. I think it was quite an enjoyable game, but it could still use some improvement. I hope you can fix that stuff at level 2´s boss, cause it kinda ruined the game for me :(

~Auz, Review Request Club

Abs55 responds:

Thanks for the reveiw. I'm glad you liked the background because I spent a lot time making the backgrounds look good. I added the save feature as I didn't in my other games and wanted to test it out and it works fine and is good feature.

The bug that you found on the second boss conversation, I am not sure what caused it, I checked my code in the fla but still can't find the error. I will look into it and try to fix it and make sure that this doesn't happen with any of my other games.

I included the limited ammo because I just didn't want the player to just shoot at things carelessly so if he/she didn't have any ammo left, it's their fault completely but I guess I could add go back to shop or something like that. I will improve the enemies next time.

Thanks again for the thorough review :)

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2007
2:31 PM EDT