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Sprite tutorial: Basic

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Author Comments

Welcome to this tutorial. Please vote fairly and not low just because it has sprites, it's a tutorial, or both. Also, this tutorial is mainly because I made an advanced one, and I think people should know the basics through yet another tutorial of what they've probably seen in 6-7 other tutorials. This also teaches some extra hints to newbies o they can get on the fast track. I'm already 1/4 done with my 3rd tutorial (Geez, all tutorials and no flash) for a very useful thing. I think you'll all find a use for it... If you're a spriter anyways.

On an extra note for all the sprite haters that watch this, I think we know that we're not using our own graphics. That's why we use sprites, cause we can't fbf worth crap and know it. That or we can, but don't want to.

(note 12/29/12) This is quite old. Like, when Flash was just becoming Adobe property rather than Macromedia. Some things might not quite sync up right. Just a caution. Also, ignore my young butthurt. :P

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Thanks for making this for new learners

Dark-Heart responds:

No problem, though this guide is fairly outdated, I think. I worked a little bit with CS5 a while ago, and it was much different than this. Thanks, though!


Thank you sooooooooooo much for this! I have been wanting to learn tweening and this was the best I ever saw!

Review request.

You used screen shots of flash instead of only text, and you used examples of a moving sprite. The whole thing was very succinct, it didn't leave people guessing what they have to do. Overall: Good job! I can't really say much on how to improve.

Review Request Club.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A tutorial with some decent information in it. From what I read, you seem to have a knowledge of what you are doing with sprites, and how to animate them, as you showed quite nicely. Good idea to put screenshots from Flash on here too.

^^Needs Improving^^
Just a sprite tutorial. Nothing in here that really can't be found in any other sprite tutorial. Graphics weren't amazing, and there were some parts that were just walls of text, which I'm not a fan of.

Dark-Heart responds:

^^Good Points^^
Why thank you!

^^Needs Improving^^


This is a very good example of how to maipulate sprites from the start to the finish, which is what a budding animator needs. I've never used Flash before, but could understand the instructions clearly, which certainly counts for something.

Are you going to make further tutorials, or are you going to move on to some sprite animations fo your own, to show us exactly how it is done.

[Review Request Club]

Dark-Heart responds:

Yeah, I'm still gonna make tutorials. Hopefully, I'll find the inspiration to actually work on a project I've been working on. Thanks for the kind review.

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2007
3:59 AM EDT