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Somewhere In Nevada

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Author Comments

This is the first animation I've ever submitted to Newgrounds. Usually this is not a good phrase to read in a commentary, but in my case it's because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and have never really made anything I've thought worthy of Newgrounds before. When I saw that Madness Day was coming, I knew I had to submit something for two reasons. Firstly, because Madness was the first thing I ever saw on Newgrounds, and it inspired me to start animating, and secondly because otherwise I'd never get round to submitting anything.

I hope you enjoy this as it toke quite a lot of effort to make. Just over a week ago I suddenly realised I only had 9 days left to complete my animation, and at that point I had just done the titles. Over the last week I have put a huge amount of effort into this, including two 45 hour solid stints at my computer, resulting in the consumption of approximately 27 thousand cups of coffee. At the start of Madness Day I still wasn't finished to my satisfaction, so eventually I decided to make this the first of a two parter. Although I was annoyed with myself over this, and still am (I hate sequels), this gave me the time I needed to polish up what I already had and get some decent sound sorted out. Although I'm still not entirely happy with this, here it is: Enjoy!

P.S. Please don't give me any extra credit for this being my first submission when you vote. I can take criticism well, in fact I enjoy it; it gives me the motivation I need to improve. I personally hate it when someone asks me to vote 5 for something, so I'm not going to. Just give me the score you think I deserve and no more. Thankyou.

UPDATE: Wow, It's good to know people actually like what I've been doing. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming; i do like to know what people like and don't like about my work.

I'm sorry about the big file size, I will try and compress it some more so it's easier to watch, although I'm not really sure why it's so huge, so I'm not sure whether I'll be successful or not.

A few people have said that they'd like to see the sequel as soon as possible. Originally, I intended to make it as one long animation, but I ran out of time, I promise i will continue this soon, so keep your eyes open!

Thankyou everyone for your support, it's made the days spent staring at my computer screen seem so worthwhile!

UPDATE: I have now made a few changes and have managed to upload a lower bitrate version. Hopefully this will make the loading time shorter and help it run smoother. Enjoy!

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Really cool first animation! Incredible job

so good
4.5 stars

pretty good

Great job!

Wow, you're actually really good! I can't really point out any obvious flaws -- but... It seems to me, that you spent much more time on intro & ending than on actual animation. Some parts of the fight really looked amateur, but for a newbie -- outstanding! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.