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stick jumps

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i made this using macromedia flash proffesional 8. it may seem under animated and stuff but this is my first try at an animation! Also if the play button doesn't work please leave a comment and ill try to fix it. but it should work anyway because the code i used was:

on (release){

song: Bowling for Soup: 1985

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it bores me...

sorry man, but it got boring real quick.
it was just stickmen doing the same thing just falling in different ways.
also wots with the random fight at the end?
please, work on blood, running and general movements
its best to do tests before you make a full blown anim, learn the basics yeah?

although i see the effort: 2/5 4/10


Good, good.

Very entertaining, and fairly well-animated, especially for a first time. Change the music, though, please!


even for your first movie, this isnt bad. i have seen some people's 3rd or 4rd animations and maybe they were worse then this one. just keep practicing and use more frames per second.


The animation was terrible, the sticks werent walking or running, they were gliding/rolling! the fps could be doubled. the sticks could be drawn better (!) and the landscape was boring and way too simple. You could at least put in a sky or anything! work on your animation and walking.

at least you put the effort to make an icon.

You can do better than that!

I enjoyed it. But it was bad animated and no sounds (Except for the song). You can do better than that, just spend more time making the sticks ;) Sometimes they were small and in the next frame they were big. Doesn't look very well.
If I were you, I would use Line Tool instead.

I gave it a 2 ;)