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This is my first submission ever to Newgrounds. I made this just to see i

it would work, and because I
hate things that are boring and pointless I thought I'd dress it up

alittle then i got a great idea. this is the
first I a series of games I thought of so please dont blam this!!!! For

the sake of people know how it all started. yes it WORKS. I also promise

the next one will have a pre loader.

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Nice and simple

Good music choice. Great background.


This is boring, pointless, has no plot, nothing else to do apart from pressing two buttons and staring at that gal in the dress(no backstory for her as well)and doesn't make any sense at all. The music was good though. Probabaly the only good thing about this flash. How could people possibly give this a 10?

JoSilver responds:

It's a ten cause your to picky.


this is from tht damn clue game i have song got stuck in my head eva sine then i was scared of clue until i got it for christmas yayz!!!!!

1 button

giving a 10 because i always give 10 to tests


she's beutiful, your a good artist.
why dont you make a series with her, that would be cool.