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Frank Clock: The Movie

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Knight (7:55:16 PM): I'll make you a deal
Knight (7:55:46 PM): If by the end of this tourny, I get more then 300 dollers in my hand, I will make you an epic fucking Frank Clock movie
Knight (7:55:47 PM): EPIC
Frank (7:56:03 PM): w00t!
Frank (7:56:10 PM): can i write the script
Frank (7:56:15 PM): we can work on it for clock day next year
Frank (7:56:20 PM): thats how epic i want it to be
Knight (7:56:20 PM): deal
Knight (7:56:26 PM): if I get less then $5, I am going to make a tribute to how gay you are
Frank (7:56:40 PM): deal

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A Clock Movie

Haha I love the randomness of this all, could use for some more animation and different scenes, A clock movie here and I have to say that it was pretty good, "SOME-NICE-MOMENTS" in this particular movie here with some decent clock scenes going on for sure want to see "MORE-CLOCK-DETAILS" like this and more clock movies in the near future, this was a cool clock movie.

could use for some more animation and different scenes


a great anim

yet strange

This was a fine movie full of magical insights

That defined swelligant

Sorry you got skunked in the tourney


All the adventure helmets are at the dry cleaners... Also Knight you better make sure to get that van back with its original paint job. The real owners might not like it.

Eternal-Panda responds:

[color=navy]It's cool, I killed them.[/color]

trully EPIC

I wish I could have joined Frank on his super adventure around the world. Do you still have a pair of those adventue helmets?

Eternal-Panda responds:

Ask Frank, he's got a bunch