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IMPORTANT: You will probably want to reverse the controls in the options on the main menu!

Left and right arrow keys to activate individual thrusters. Press both at the same time to move foward, or one at a time to turn.

Collect stars and avoid comets. You can build up a combo for more points by not letting any stars disappear off of the right-hand-side of the screen. The purple things are powerups, which can help or hinder your gameplay, and will last 10 seconds.

This took about 2 weeks to make altogether.
Many thanks to Greg and Kongregate.com for sponsorship.
Thanks also to Crazychihuahua for the idea, and Cycerin for the music.
I challenge you to get 100000 points :D

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Pretty rockin'

I obviously like the concept. Perhaps it's a conflict of interest just by me reviewing it :P

Anyways, fun stuff. I don't mind the controls at all, and find that they're quite entertaining and challenging once I'm comfortable with them.

Pretty good game, and I look forward to your future stuff.

edit-undo responds:

Thanks for the review :) I'm working on a sequel. I can't wait to play your game when it's out.

Ha ha! This is awesome!

The controls are a bastrad to use but i love it. Great idea, not something i've seen before.

Not that i can play for longer than about 30 seconds before crash and burn, but hey, thats the life of a rocket cat.

Cool as man, just plain cool.

Loves it

edit-undo responds:

Thankyou very much :) I love hearing that people like my games. As for the short lifespan, cats don't live too long anyway. But there is likely to be a sequel with much longer gameplay.

=) =)

not my kind of game personally, but i loved the controls. I see all of these reviews with people complaining about the controls, but without the difficulty the game would be way too easy. im not sure if you did this on purpose as the game took 2 weeks only but i think it came out quite nicely

edit-undo responds:

Thanks for the support. I don't understand why people are complaining so much about the controls either :( I did intend for the controls to add difficulty. Hopefully the sequel will recieve more support when it's out in a few months (not a garuntee :p ). Nice name :)

Out of Control

Sadly it's another review compaining about the controls. It was way too hard for me and it ruined the game experience. Everything else was pretty good and i would have given u a grwat score i'm sure but just couldn't play for long for the controls.

edit-undo responds:

Thanks for the support. Did you try switching the controls in the game options? I'm working on a sequel with better controls, with enemies, upgrades, levels, etc. I hope you play it when it's out and enjoy it more :)

Conteols were difficult

I normally like these kinds of games I really didn't enjoy this one because of the controls it was just to hard. Maybe if you hadn't made the controls a bit easier I would've liked it more.

edit-undo responds:

Did you try switching the controls around in the options? I'm working on a sequal with much better controls, I hope you play it and like it more :)

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3.06 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2007
5:43 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid