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Hello Newgrounds, here's something a bit different for you. J-Type is a typing game, but in japanese. Its primarily intended for people learning japanese, but if you also don't have to know anything to play. Heres a brief rundown of the two gameplay modes

Shooting Mode - Characters appear in a constant stream, type the corresponding romaji to defeat them. If you don't know any japanese, this is the mode for you, just make sure to leave the romaji on

Flash Card Mode - Intended for learning and memorizing the different character sets. Characters appear one at a time, with no time limit. However, the romaji defaults to off so as not to give away the answer right away. If you get stuck though, you can always press space to show the answer

Enjoy, and If you happen to actually know anyone studying japanese, please show them this, they might get a kick out of it

Spacebar - Toggle romaji on and off
Backspace - Toggle High/Low quality
Enter - Hide info like score and accuracy

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Great and well thought out tool to help with hiragana and katakana learning.

This is a great way to sharpen your knowledge of hiragana! It's good that you can increase the pace also, and I think that the entire concept is very creative!

Perfect for learning the Japanese alphabet!

I've been struggling to learn about the Japanese language. I want to learn it, because I don't want to get lost when I read Japanese. Learning the alphabet is one step closer to learning Japanese.

Before I played that game, there was only 1 I memorized. After a few minutes, I know about 5 or so. These are for people who are trying to learn Japanese, but can't get the hang of it because of the new alphabet.

I don't know

Looks more like a game of fast typing than something that's supposed to teach you anything.

Still, I suppose it´s fun if you just hit space and have the letters spelled out for you.

Needs some work

your %u304Ewas incorrect from what I gathered, too me forever to figure out which one it was and it ended up being "ji" instead. Like what? I mean you have more like an unfinished game that could use more features. Like I haven't tested it yet because I don't have a Japanese keyboard, but I'd imagine it doesn't work like that. I also didn't like how there was never an ending point. There are no levels and there is no words per minute either. Otherwise this game idea has potiential, please continue to work at it I actually do plan to use this for exercising my hiragana, and katakana base. I didn't play long enough to see if you had the Katakana words that don't exist in Hiragana, but if you don't you should add those =). Anyway as I said this has my attention I hope you decide to make more or something like it.