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Black Tar Stick Figure

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Hooray for my first solo flash submitted to Newgrounds! Yay!
File size is 2.8 mB, so I REALLY hope it doesn't take that long to load for you guys :D
Oh, and also this movie has nothing to do with drugs or anything like that. It's just the name like the movie itself, is based on the stick figures on crack series, which you can find on Youtube ;)
Edit: Now that youtube uploaded it, it has arrived! http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=I9X2MRt5AWI
First of all, if you don't like stick figures, watchs something else. This is filled with stick figures (duh, we already knew that! xD)
But seriously, I hope that all of you, the newgrounds community, enjoy this movie. If you want to see the .avi which has better sound quality (wierd, eh?) on Youtube, I will be posting that right about nowish and will add a link. Anyways, I hope you vote fairly, and I hope that this gives you many laffs, and I also hope that you enjoy the rest of the movies I make :D

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Funny! :D

dude i need you to answer a question

what is the name of the intro song its awsome!!!

Slick-Productions responds:

Dude, it's the futurama theme song xD
But thank you for reviewing :D

That was AWESOME!!!!!

I thought it was cool or how should I put this FREAKIN' SWEET!!!

Slick-Productions responds:

Thanks! I have no idea how people still keep finding my old flashes, but they must be searching Black tar... hmm... :P

ty to u

thanks for saying based off of but next time do better lines like the one on stick figures for crack three where he presses the button and the voice says ''thankyou for pressing the self destruct button''

Slick-Productions responds:

Thanks for enjoying the movie! If I do something like this again, I'll be sure to find some REALLY funny stuff. I only had a week for this so it could be improved ;)

Funny Quotes

The quotes were hilarious, but really the animation was pretty bad.

Slick-Productions responds:

You should check out my new movie that's out, Showdown! I've been told that the animation's pretty cool (Thanks to those who have :D)