LoZ kung fu edition IV1/2

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BY the way i had to divide the movie in 2 parts cause of the size... i will fix some problems later to the other parts. please if u think it has no sense is cause of the missing part.. enjoy it

**thanks for the comments ... it makes me realize of some mistake.... (ScootLumpDude) i will redited with the preloader (i did not know that) cause i understand it looks kind of crappy like that... it was not my intention to create a dbz tribute or something.... but well thats how it was...


i don't rly have much to say

well it looks like dragon ballz, and the naruto music kills it.
it's kinda funny isnt it? how that one song can only suit the show naruto and nothing else lol.

Good series but need lot of work

I like how you are making the Legend of Zelda into a japanese kind of animation with kung fu. But I don't know why you put some Naturo music in your series, Naturo is suppose to be kids being ninja and I say suppose to, because they suck at being ninjas and the things they do are not the way of a ninja. Also I don't get the whole thing with Saria and the clothes she is wearing, I got distracted looking at her side boobs. Not being a pervert but still it was noticeable. Also time your voice acting and sound effects to the animation you're a little off cue. please make your other ones more better. I love the series so far.


This is a nice series. But I must say that the animation needs a little work and so does the speech timing. And also, what's up with Link's transformation? He looks like some kind of hell's angel like that.

Pretty good

I just watched all up to this one, and I have to say they're pretty good, although during 1-3, it would keep pausing on me. I'm not sure if that's because of how you made it, or because of my connection and the lack of a loading screen. It makes me laugh that all the music is Naruto Music, except instead of ninjas, you're doing it to kung fu. Overall cool video


This is pretty good, they look like dragon ball characters but thats cool good job on this one.

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3.53 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2007
1:40 PM EDT
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