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Author Comments

Wow, after about 7 or 8 months of hard work. This game is finally done. I've worked really hard on this game, it took alot of scripting, So it's gonna be a bigger game then my last one, Jazzy Jones. Special thanks to Chris arthur to giving me the idea to make a game based off the character Mr.Dungus. And of course, you. For taking the time to play this.

Okay, I fixed a few bugs that some people told me about in their reviews. If anyone else happens to find a bug. Tell me, and I'll try and fix it.

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Good, but improvable

This was a pretty decent game. It kept me occupied for a bit, although there wasn't much variety.

First, the plot wasn't very interesting. If there's going to be a plot in a game, I would advise developing it a little bit more. As it was, neither of the main characters were explained.

However, this was a great defence game. Most defence games become boring near the end - you just keep doing the same thing over and over again - it was fun at the start, but now you're just playing to see the ending sequence. This did not fall into that rut. It was long enough to be enjoyable, but short enough to be fun.

I really liked the enemy types. They fit the theme of the game very well, and they were all relatively balanced. However, my one complaint about the graphics of the enemies is based on the first two enemies - the humans carrying guns and clubs. I think the guns and clubs should have been in silhouette, like the people. That would have kept with the street sign theme better, although it makes decent sense the way it is.

The boss was a bit unusual - it didn't explain how it was attacking, and why only it could injure itself. I'd like some more story behind it, but I like how the music changed. I did like the end - I like games where there's actually something at the end, although there could have been something more. Credits would have been nice, but the ending wasn't too bad.

As I see it, the items are a bit overpriced. They only last one round, and for their price, you can buy a life, which is much better value. There's also a glitch involving the shield which I'll mention in my strategy guide below.

The other obvious complaint would be the English. The starting letter in sentences was rarely capitalized, there were some misspellings, the grammar was flawed, and that really detracted from the game - no offence.

If anyone is having trouble beating the game, here's my strategy guide:
Before the first level, don't buy anything. Just start playing - you shouldn't need anything to beat this one. Once beaten, you will have enough money to buy the first sign upgrade. Buy this. Go through the next levels, not buying anything except the next two street sign upgades, until you have the set of three.

Now, after you finish buying the upgrades, you can buy the shield item next. Due to a glitch, the shield becomes permanent after you buy it, instead of lasting one round as it should. If you don't want to abuse a glitch, then feel free not to do this. A permanent shield is very helpful, though, but I'm sure the game is beatable without abusing the glitch.

Now start buying lives. After your first or second life, buy the paintball gun and some ammo. ONLY use the paintballs on the trucks. They are the only enemy worth using them on. Make sure to keep your ammo high - there's one level with all trucks, and that's dangerous. Keep on buying lives, restocking your ammo when you need to.

You should breeze through the levels like this. You can buy lives faster than you lose them. Remember, if a truck shows up, taking it out should be your highest priority. Even with all three upgrades and a glitched shield, it really hurts. I wouldn't bother trying to kill the bulls before they get to you, it takes a fast reaction, and normally they're blocked by other enemies.

Once you get to level 20, good luck on the boss! I won't spoil it for you, but it's easy.


Yet another instant classic. I salute you, sir! Keep them coming!


This game makes my eyes water. After all these years you let us have a peek at the rainbow truck again. Bravo. BRAVO!


It's alright there is a glitch somehow i ended up with -money

Good but buggy

Some bugs to sort out:
Ducks heal you. On the duck onslaught level i left it and got over 1000 health.
Shields dont always activate. Sometimes they just dissappear from the item section.
Apart from that a good game.
Well done.

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2007
3:25 AM EDT