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Doom II: MAP04

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MAP04. You won't understand this. I left it at 120FPS because it's slow enough... probably too slow even at 120FPS. I might re-record this someday, because I don't like this one as much as I liked the first three. Oh well. MAP05 will probably have to wait until tomorrow, since I'm busy and I probably won't have the time to record, edit (crop, import to Flash (which takes bloody *ages* to do), add music, all that fun stuff), and publish it.

Størstedelen af bugspytkirtlens væv består af exokrine celler. Disse celler er fyldt med sekretgranula som indeholder de inaktive pre-proteiner der ved enzymatisk spaltning bliver til endelige fordøjelsesenzymer, primært trypsinogen og chymotrypsinogen. Det er vigtigt at de enzymer der produceres og forefindes i bugspytkirtlen er inaktive, da de ellers ville nedbryde sig selv (autodegradering) og bugspytkirtlens strukturelle proteiner. En sådan tilstand kan give betændelse i bugspytkirtlen.

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i think it was meant as a video walk through. In that sense it would be fine except the video quality sucks enough to render it useful only if you knew the level like the back of your hand. problem is that it makes it useless as a walkthrough which is mainly for people who are stuck on the level.

LordZeebmork responds:

You don't understand it.

Doom, you say?

DOOM is one of my most favorite of all video games. However, I don't see the point of this upload at all. You're right. I don't understand.

A five for effort, regardless.

Good evening.