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Escape Green Room

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Your best friend locked you in his room because you think you can escape any room. If you think you have the skills to escape the green room then play your buddy's game!... (make sure that you remember that you have a limited inventory space. so if you don't need something anymore, put it back where you found it to free up a slot in inventory)

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game is broke, the letters wointlet me spell enough numbers, and there isnt a p or e thers jus a to pf qs

lord even ... great

this is probably one of the best ones .. hey even with the help it took me for ever ... very interesting ..plot keep them coming ....

Pretty good

I had to use the walkthrough. I knew I needed to use the gramaphone but I couldnt get it to work on my own. I never woulda gotten the last one alone. I couldnt see the one above. Pretty much had the rest up till that point. Tough, good.

The green light puzzle

to solve the green light puzzle just look at the dots that are not lit at first. Click on all those first. After that just look for the dots that are not lit again and do the same thing it should take only 2 or three times to do this.


Yeah the game doesnt really tell you what to do, its trial and error. Just because you pick the item up doesn't mean you need it (or at the time). You can't give this a low score on the fact your dumb. Its a hard game that will take some of your time.

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3.20 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2007
4:05 AM EDT