Streaked- Black and Blue

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Hey guys! this is my first time using flash, and my first entry to Newgrounds!

Please judge lightly...

EDIT- thanks for the reviews... I'm currently working on my second flash, which has much better graphics, and a story line... yes, that's right, a story line!


not bad

not bad it was longer jus make it faster and you will get perfect scores

Greater detail needed.

For a first attempt at a movie, this wasn't bad I suppose. A lot of tweening with simple graphics and nothing really resembling a plot at all mans that it isn't really that good a movie as a whole though.

Try and make the grpaics mrpe detailed and make a plot for your next movie so it's more than just random figures fighting.


This will make it [as of what i believe] but i think there are too less keyframes. it look slike, you put a key frame every like, 15 frames or so, and put them in a new position in each one. If you were to take, let's say, Madness, it runs at 20 FPS, and the keyframes are 0 - 2 frames from eachother. they also include FBF effects. I noticed the fire from the gun was a tweened object following the gun. If it were filter-blurred, and tweened with gradient shadow on te people, and realistic body reactions to the shots and wounds, then it would be much better.

Just a little addition, not much. Highlight an object and press Properties>Filters for the photoshop in-flash tools.

If you plan on making another animation prior to this, it would really help out, promise~

Also if you wanna work together on anything sometime, that would be cool too. =P

thats all i guess o_o;



This is like the Madness Series but a remake...and a lot crappier. But good job. you kept it flowing and you didn't make it super lame and boring. But the frame rate should be faster, everything seemed to slow.

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2.25 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2007
1:32 AM EDT
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