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Wiimote Wars

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I made this game for the Wii, so it won't work if your not on a WIi. Use the Wiimote sideways and kill the other player.

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but the controls are a bit hard

Pretty cool,

Could use better graphics, and a different music track. Check out the Newgrounds audio portal and get some there's some great songs there. Also make power ups not dissapear so fast.


It's hard to find a game that actually works with the Wii's internet browser, people have tried and most of them have failed. I, quite simply, would like to say thanks for making this game.. Which gives me something to do when I don't feel like doing anything else :P

Keep up the good work, I hope to get more Wii-compatible flashes from you soon!


This is a very original idea. I'd have liked to seen better graphics and more powerups. You could make a very deep game using the same principel and i'd love it.

it works on the pc

i liked the idea

controls for pc: arrows = steering
a = shooting
s = accelerate
d = special