Trapped in a Box Factory

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I made this Flash months ago before my Tooth Paste Animation (Here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/400173) so this one is in my old animation style. The Voice acting is not very well done, i did it all in 1 day by myself and I used Wavepad to change the speed and pitch of my voice to make it different for each character.

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~Got Potential~

I liked the jokes,I liked it's originality,I liked Art...But not the Animation...That was the only downside to this Flash.
Some animation,like when he runs from one side to the other,it looks weird...
You should Animate the arms and legs,not just move them in circular motions.

Anyways,you got great potential buddy.
Keep it up! :D

Torrunt responds:

Thanks! I've been trying to do Walking animation recently, i find it kinda hard but if i keep practicing i bet i could do it much more easy :)

Some interesting, random parts

Overall I think it was a coherent and simple plot with some random but interesting jokes. Some of the audio sounded either too soft or too loud, though. And once you got to the television scene I think there was a problem with layering or something because most of the image was stuck behind another layer. Good effort though.

Torrunt responds:

Oh! Thanks for noticing that, gonna fix that now.

Well, Im bored

Thats a good summary for the entire movie, "Im bored". Sooooooo little pizzaz. Better animation and script is what you need. Be original. And, oh yeah...dont forget the PIZZAZ!!!

Torrunt responds:

I don't even know what the hell pizzaz are, sounds like you just made that word up. I do have better animation then this (I said in the Author Comments) this is an old thing i made ages ago when i was very new to flash. I didn't have a script, i just put things into it when i thought of something. And what do you mean 'be original'? This is original, i haven't seen anything else on Newgrounds that's about Boxes.


I love that the tv was unplugged while he was watching static "for no reason."

Poor box that came to life by the magic hat.




<3 -t

Torrunt responds:

Who doesn't love Boxes? They are just so interesting :P

Loved it

This is a great idea for sure! Great humor w/ a solid beginning and end. The protagonist finding himself as a character in a flash movie is nicely surreal (among other lovely twists). I hope maybe it could just be smoothed out a little.
Also, the little channel-changing blip dragged on a little too long.

Torrunt responds:

Glad you liked it :D Thanks for the suggestions.

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2.65 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2007
9:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Original