Nick Jr.'s Face

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This is my first long movie so give me a brake. I think it is fucking funny as hell.


random for me

random is not good for me. even if i understood it it still looks bad. o well


yeah, uhh...screw it

How old r u? 13?

That was really stupid but u got ur movie on enwgrounds be4 me so i guess its allright next time get a plot and dont say u think its "fuckin funny as hell


lol nick jr.s face does suck. But one question, who the hell is that bald gotee guy? lol that was funny lmao.
Hi author guy! I felt like saying hi because I am nice. :)


The author of this Flash seems to be alergic to criticism, and it seems that his all-to-common retort for any oppositionary statements is either a slue of immature cap locked cuss words, or him treating the fact that he has a website and made animations as something deeming himself worthy of preferential treatment. To be honest with you, any talentless hack, child , or retard could produce a website or a flash animation nowadays, and you've not only proved this but clearly outlined such a fact with this tripe you've mistaken as an animation. I'm already aware that your just going to responde to my railery with "FUCK YOU YOU FUCKER MOTHER FUCKER I AM 13 AND MADE FLASH, LET SEE YOU MAKE FLASH AND WEBSITE LIKE ME I'M SPECIAL CUZ MY MOMMY SAID SO!!!!!!!!1"
I'm sure with your early start to the world of Flash animating, you may very well become a great producer of flash some day. But until then, please keep the crap off of NG and on your site. You and your cronies may enjoy them enough to vote 5 every day, but I'm affraid that other then that the only high marks you get are from morons who wouldn't know a good flash if it nailed their wife, and CC members who are actually making fun of you.
Have a lovely day, and please remember that your inexperience, critical intolerance, and beligerance are the three biggest hurdles in your path of real fame.

KissArmy911 responds:

ok i know this animation sucks. It was my first one. Plus you don't have an animation so i wouldn't be talking. Third you are not a fucking critic so don't waste space on NG with your 5 paragraph reviews. Also i might have been over protective of my animation because it was my first one.

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2.66 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2001
4:06 PM EST
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