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An OLD unfinished movie i found in my flash folder, i thought it was funny, so just watch and try to enjoy.
Comments are much appreciated :)


this movie rules!

i entered it in the funny movie treasure hunt contest!

artville responds:

oh wow, thank you :)


I thin that had the potential to be quite hillarious. But kinda fell short when the animation whent by bye.. I think if you took some time and finished it.. or remade it using the same concept it could have been compleatly hillarious. Dont get me wrong, it was funny.. I did giggle.. But I wouldve rather laughed. The sound was a bit rough, but so was the animation, so it flows. Finish it, or redo it (to a finished point) and you will have something very much worth watching. (quite certain to see lots of simmilar reveiws). If you never intend on finishing it. it was in interesting enough to be worth watching, It is funny in a chaotic sort of way, then again so is the animation.

artville responds:

Thank you for the review, and I have no doubts that it is as you say, but unfortunately I haven't touched flash in a very long time, and I no longer have the patience to go through such a process. That's why this probably - and unfortunatly will be as it is.
Thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it at some point :)


was funny but not much of a flash video. I think you should finish this and resubmit it.

artville responds:

yeah, probably. As I've said to several other people here I'm not sure wether to finish this or not, it's been so long since i've even opened the program, but we'll see anyway.
Thank for the review :)


but this doesn't have any sense for me....it a total piece of crap.

artville responds:

alright, i guess taht's alright. Thanks for telling what you thought :)


it was great but it could have had more of a movie to it. more than half of it was blank

artville responds:

Yes, i'm sorry about that :) but thank you for the review :)

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2.21 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2007
12:41 PM EDT
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