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Halo: Orions Spartans I

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Btw Jesus99 - You are such a noob, i'm going to wear your ass as a hat...

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: To all you die hard halo fans out there - if your looking for an animation to corrispond with the books then you will be dissapointed this halo universe is alterante and only incorporates chief as a time basis (We are showing you how orions spartans get into multiplayer and gonna give a cool reason for multiplayer so bare with us will ya) And relax!
Thank You.

FYI: I will try and reply to EVERY review - As you can see i have done so, so far with success! So remember to come back and see what i said to ya!

Aquilas and myself (Enzer0) decided to start a series of animations to do with our clan in the build up to halo 3 - All the other parts will probably come out after halo 3 so as to tie the story in.

Thanks to joe for his research and great illustration it was easy to make this movie and put in the love we have for the game into it. We love Halo and will die with a copy of it welded to our hands! See our (fictional) journey as we train, battle and find ourselves in tight situations - Fight with the spartans! Enjoy the movie it's around 4 mintues long and around 4.5meg. Took us around 4 weeks or so to get this done - overall time was around 8 weeks because we played so much halo though... What!?

Our spartans fight has begun. Will you fight with us?!

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This is amazing great graphics,color,story,art,and overall the spartans themselfs nice desighn for the genaral sartan this is one of my fav. movies

amazing artwork great job cant wait to watch the rest fo them after i write this review

very cool man

very effin cool. a 10 it is


get your halo on ya


i just noticed the baby in his picture has a :3 face.
also, when i looked at the symbol i thought it was gonna be like a halo 3 scarface movie/parody or something.