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Lizard Sphere X

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Stupid but funny

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Stupid but funny indeed. When I was a kid I would sometimes play with my DBZ figures and give them different names like this video. I do however think DBZ Kai and Dragon Ball Super removing all the filler kinda ruins the fun of this video as well as the point of why it’s called Drag-On Ball Z. I would love to see one of the Saiyan saga as well as the Frieza saga. I’ve even considered doing my own Dragon Ball Z parodies which I’ve called Dino Cube Y and Salamander Triangle W.

This was quite a funny cartoon. I do wish it was longer and had more jokes. The sequel did better, though. Boku looks like a lizard when he's transforming. The voices are pretty good. I believe you did them all.

You got the drawings of the characters down pretty well. I like how everyone just stares. Gell's an okay parody name. You get better with them, though. You're so funny as the narrator.

I demand

That this be put on dvd


This is a classic to me, it'll always be funny!

very awesome funny hilarious flash

"piece of shit"
by: bulletman76
date: July 23, 2010

im gonna hurt whoever made this...LOL THIS DUDE GOT TROLLED HARD!...kudos to the author that made this funny flash :)