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Bruce Lee: Tower of Death

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If you see this game anywhere else besides here or www.rtl.nl , please notify me. Thanks. ****

Fight your way to the top to prove you are the greatest. Read the instructions. There's a chance you may have slow down, if you do: toggle the quality and/or close anything else. Everyone is beatable. Enjoy.

**I would appreciate it if you reported any bugs and whatnot**

P.S. Big Boss is beatable

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Old but Simple, when the first age of the flash games, i play this game - and now i'm play again. i like it!

Pretty bad fighting game for what I've seen so far on the portal. The fact that you have to make note in the description that something is beatable goes to show that you didn't do difficulty scaling correctly.

The controls often locked up on me. When I blocked and unblocked it didn't let me punch or kick, or move for that matter, right away. The enemies are complete bullshit as they have no apparent weakness in their AI nor definite pattern of movement. Due to this, it makes for unfair game play.

Overall the art and sound were good, but were misleading to quality of the game. This joins the group of old fighting games that failed to be good.

should have been a quick fun game, but too many glitches.

hints for fighting:
- first boss: jump kicks all day in and out of range fast kill
- second boss: jump kicks all day in and out of range super fast kill
- third boss: walk backwards while doing high kicks and old man will quickly die
- fourth boss: walk towards knife throws while jumping to arrive faster and do low kick, then quickly run other direction to catch boss when reappears - rinse and repeat til win
- shadow: walk backwards while doing high kicks - block when he does super.


come on its bruce lee its awesome big guy kick his fucken face i downed him less than 6 sec

Needs Serious Work

This game looks like an interesting idea but that's it. The controls are limited for the character and you can't tell if you are hurting your opponent half the time because they guard spam no-stop. I would suggest changing the way you coded the Ai player completely. Not only that but the characters art is not impressive at all and the animation is not smooth either. The background looks good and the idea is interesting. Overall a good idea that needs to worked on a lot before it is truly finished.

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2.67 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2001
3:19 AM EST