Dont Shave Pubes On Plane

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Happy PSA Day

Please do not take this seriously. I know it's in bad taste. :(

The synching may be off if you have a slow computer so I recommend switching to low quality if this occurs.



Shouldn't it have been a "Pubic Service Announcement"?

With the way that you started this piece out, you've got a balance of satire, sick humour and some interesting effects to make the film look older. I love the use of Troy McClock as well, as that makes for some interesting comparisons with the Simpsons.

Sure, it was an 11/9 joke, but we could all see it coming and there was a groan from the audience, mainly for the fact that we knew it was corny, as opposed to being offended. I did like how you'd doctored the CNN footage (Clock News Network?)

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PatriotClock responds:

Haha thank you

Epic Win

-It's not very often that there is someone who can make a flash movie about 9/11 and it bring a chuckle to me without me actually thinking about the bad side effects of what happened.

-Definitely a great PSA that hearkened back to the old days of animation with the greyscale and flickering movie tape. Some pretty swell animating and speakonia voices incorporated and I definitely learned an important lesson today that I will make sure that I don't forget.

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PatriotClock responds:

Thank you very much


Some people suffer from a mental disorder, similar to simple OCD, that gives them the impulse to shave their pubes AT THE SPOT. They can't help it. And here you are, dissing them. Uncool.

But seriously, one of the best infomercials I've seen. I loved the style the entire video was in, making it look like an old classic PSA, with the flickering image and greyscale colors.

The plot? Might be unsuitable for some, but I liked it. I did not expect it at all, and it actually made me laugh. Considering how tired I am, that's a feat.

Music used was also perfect for both the PSA and the style of the movie. Speakonia was easily understandable, which is good. Sometimes I can't understand anything.

Good joke, simple and fun animation, generally a good Clock flash.

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PatriotClock responds:

Haha thanks a lot


I have no idea what this is.I did not like it,but i still think it is maybe good.

Well there pretty was no animation.This clock cartoon was just the first clock move its cursor thing and patriot clock nod.And then a video footage of 9/11.But at the end there was some reading rainbow thing so that was kinda funny.And the 9/11 thing was small so if there was a way to resize that you should of.Also it was pretty good art and drawings.

One thing I like about clock flashes is the way they talk.Do you guys use speech engines or is it some other program.And for me the audio was not off even though it was on high quality.Although when the clocks talk some words become hard to understand.

-Story concept-
I know you did not mean to offend anyone with the 9/11 thing and it is good thing you put that or else I would of taken it real seriously.Next time please don't put anything against someones race,religion.or country cause that could really hurt some people

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PatriotClock responds:

Clocks generally use the Speakonia program for voices. Some use voice acting or an AT&T program, but generally Speakonia is the most common.

Also to make the 9/11 footage larger would have distorted it and made it even lesser quality.

i thought you said A JOKE

you said prove it... so uh... u do actully think... that 911 WAS caused pube shavers? XD nice flash

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Sep 11, 2007
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