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the marble effect

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um hope you enjoy my movie its not very long and im only 12 years old ok, enjoy!!!!!


very good

for fucks sake im 15 and i wouldn't have been able to make a single loop of the preloader. ignore those trolls there are 3 types of people on internet and from most important to least important they are
1) the attempters (people like you who have to start somewhere and are tragically the victims of trolls)
2) anti-trolls (people like Xarnor and i who hate trolls and all they stand for)
3) the trolls (people who have extreme personal issues, can never gain confidence to talk to a girl and take it out on #1)

ps i know you're 15 now and i look forward to seeing future submissions


very good for a 12 year old! I started flash when I was 13, and my first 4 submissions were blammed. However, my 5th submission (my first non-blammed submission) is the the runescape collection. It's called Runescape Skills: Parody, and it's got over 70,000 views!

So don't give up hope if people say that your flash is bad, just keep working on your animation skills and never give up! I'm 15 now and still doing flash. Actually, I didn't do much last year but I've got back into it again and I'm making my 4th game now, a point'n'click adventure game called Violet Planet.

They are very easy to make, maybe for your next project you should make a point n click game! Anyway, goodwork, check out my movie in the Runescape section of NG :)

ps. try and increase the framerate to make the animation smoother

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That must of taken some time :)

Very creative, I see its your first? if its not then Im sorry, thats pretty good, better than my first one :L mine looked like the matrix lol

Good Work!

Its a great idea and something that would work really well if you made it a bit faster and made it longer. still good though!

not bad

i thought it was very creative. i think if you keep doing this you will become very good at it. good job man.

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2.05 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2007
3:05 AM EDT
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