Primal War 14

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The 14th chapter is on the side story of the Princess and the turning point for the Beasts .You might have to see Primal war 10 and the end of 11 for the earlier parts of the story.This episode is surely the longest of the set. (about 5 min long)but I hope you enjoy .


Oh, you use subtitles. Was I wrong in saying you were using actual dialogue? I guess you kinda weren't. I will admit this series has been going on a bit too long. It's kind of repetitive. Well, people still love it.

It's nice to see a series run so long. I especially like the guy with the skull helmet. It adds style to the series. This still has good animation. I like the ideas.

That is pretty good, but did the magic gem give the princess the combined power of the deceased wizards or did it awaken power within her? Just asking because I think the former is more likely.


The characters are also of good quality but you sould try to make the babes even hotter and femine. To be honest i dont't like the idea of princess with so much power because i never liked her as a character since she looks like a tomboy and i like more femine and sexy women like Naca also it screams that a confrontation between the girls will occur and i am afraid for Nacas life cause you have show favourism to the beast characters.

best one so far

i love this one, you just keep getting better and better.

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mhmm hmm

very nice
very very nice =D

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Sep 10, 2007
6:24 AM EDT