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Chinese New Year 2008

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Chinese New Year 2008 - for China and everyone!
This flash is dedicated to all Chinese and everyone who celebrates the Chinese New Year!

This flash is about a girl, Asian - European, who is in the new years mood. Everyone is kind to her, and she is kind to everyone as well! May all of you be blessed with hapiness and luck!

Music: Gongxi Gongxi Gongxi Ni
Animations by Kenzu Milagro

The young girl walks and recieves plenty of gifts from different people, but she is such a kind girl that she shares it with others. She recieves a tanghulu from an old seller, a newspaper with good news from a newpaper seller, a bouquet of flowers from a young lady, two feathers from a rooster, a box of good luck from the people preparing the celebrations, a Chinese flag from a communist party member and a wooden mala from a buddhist monk. Both Socialism and Buddhism teach people to help each other.

-Drawn with a mouse.
-Three people helped me translating the lyrics of this song into English.
-The plan was to show Beijing (Peking), later I considered Shanghai, and the buddhist temple you saw in the movie is located in Shanghai, but in the end I decided to leave it as a noname town, not showing typical structures of any of these two cities.
-The writing on the box the girl carries is "luck" in Chinese. (The girl brings a full box of good luck home).
-The parents are Chinese and Russian, and the items on the wooden furniture express the friendship of these two nations. It is possible to see two diplomats shaking hands under the flags of China and Russia.
-The title of the movies was to be "GongXi Ni 2008", but 3 days before the release it has been changed to "Chinese New Year 2008".

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This was very nice. I especially liked the colors selected and message of spring.

Loved this

I loved this video. You did a great job of animation.


the animation was nice and simple (not to be rude) and i think you got the point across to any Chinese (again, not to be rude).

This is from 2008, so i can't really say you could improve on things.

Kenzu responds:

My skill is much better now!

great job%uFF01

Really like the animation and nice choice of song%uFF0Cworked very well%uFF0C%u4F60%u505A%u7684%u5F88%u5 97D%u554A%uFF01

Kenzu responds:


i totally say vote this a 10

this is awesome im not chinese i love this hoilday i give you 10 cause you rock and you did a awesome work on it i hope for more soon =)

Kenzu responds:

Thank you a lot for your review!

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4.18 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2007
10:15 PM EDT