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Author Comments

Starbox is a sandbox full of stars. It isn't a game - it's a simulation, decoration, toy and a universe, in a sense.
Create beautiful patterns from stars, or just watch them fly by.

Controls -
-UP - creates a gravity push at the mouse cursor
-DOWN - creates a gravity pull at the mouse cursor
-The rest of the controls are on the GUI

P.S. Click on the HELP button to enable tooltips. Or, feel free to ask leave a question in the comments.

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This is addicting...

fun. The graphics and gameplay are unique and to the point. Good work.......vp

Like you said ...

"Just a toy."
I can imagine scientists using something like this to calulate particle movements etc. This is an average sandbox game, include the features that BariMutation mentioned and I believe this could have greater potential.

whoooaaaaa... trippy

Pretty cool game, I really liked it. Great time waister XD The only thing I'll say is to have some kind of option where we can change the dots colors or something... maybe even the size? Other than that, it was cool. Nice job!

Good enough

it kept me ammused for a while and I didnt find anything wrong so 5


Very interactive, and imagining the little dots as people I was sending spiraling into space made me smirk like the evil and cruel dictator that lives within me. Would've gotten a higher score if it had some kind of sound to it, but as it is, nice job.

casinojack responds:

Haha, I wonder what Freud would have to say about that?

As for the sound, I did toy around with it (on bouncing, clicking, etc) but it slowed a bit too much. But, I'll certainly look into it again.