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Sixth part of 10DT.
Suicide, sad, noir story.

I hope u'll enjoy this.

P.S.: God dammit, still doin' alone.. :X

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i just watched to he stepped out of the train.. its sucks or its seems to suck am not getting down to this!..

not bad

i wouldn't say it's bad...i've seen much worse animation...but i would say it still needs some work


For starters, the hair. If you do hair, you either have it static or you move it in pieces. Hair is never one big clump. You have to change it every single frame you have it move in. When you tween the whole thing it appears as if the hair is a piece of cardboard nailed to the character's head, swinging on it's pivot. Hair is hard, but important. Practice moving it realistically. Until you get to that point, don't use it in the works you release to the public. Your lines need work. The faster you can draw something with the brush tool, the smoother your lines. Practice speed. As they are now, they look sloppy and crude. Also, redraw the character for the elevator shot, even if it's the exact same pose. Trust me, it will make the whole thing look 1,000 times better. Your backgrounds are pretty good, though, to the trained eye, the gradients on the moon are glaringly obvious. Your blood looks at all like blood, which is definitely something to be proud of. Keep practicing, you're doing just fine. I'd say 4 and a half out of 10, but I can't review or vote in fractions.