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Random Comic - episode 22

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Dog and Kat set Colin up on a date, no doubt with hilarious consquences.

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the background...

I noticed that when dog was talking to kat, there was a gamecube in the background on dogs side of the split

jonwash responds:

Dog is a life-long supporter of nintendo


not really something i look forward for a sequel...


Eh, I'm sorry. Not the kind of humor I like.
And the voices were too loud, so that was kinda a turn off.

IT was really good,

I think the reason for some of it to not be cohesive is because how stupid both the bog and colin are. It hink that the story line wasn't really there it really was a random comic. Also I think that you should make a sequel where he actually tell kate he's sorr or something. I would really watch this everryday. (Unless there are episodes 2-21 also?) The work that was put into this must have been extensive! And I agree with the two guys above me!

Not Bad!

Nice job! The editing and character design was great. The backgrounds were pretty sparse though... It gave it a bit of a bleak feeling...

I think a bit of transition music, would spice it up a lot.