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Stick Animation Contest

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Nearly 5 minutes of intense stick action! A total of 14 entries shorts!



Winner ($20):


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the stick head is weird but the punching are cool you need to fix there head

I didn't like how a lot of them didn't have music. It did better, though. It was nice to hear the sound come in. My favorite part was probably doomshock. Okay that's probably because he's my favorite animator here. His name sounds familiar at least.

I'm surprised a stick collab didn't get more views. You rarely see them. I thought this was worth checking out. It shows how you can show variety with simple designs. That's always creative.

Well this was a fun watch. Apart from the occasional silent animation, it's a great collaboration. It turns out the sound really does a lot for stick animations, but the different styles of sticks and the quality shifts all work together in the end, style shifting along with colors and, when therer are sound effects, it's refreshing that those are different as well. Nice work!


Kinda boring...

The animation was mediocre, there was barely any sound. Some of the rounds had anti climatic endings, like the one with the guy with the sword and gun, there was no slicing sound of the sword going through him, just silence. It was REALLY boring.

some had music but it was really unneeded, although the guy who did that one with the gun vs the sword should have won. Even though it was anti climatic I liked his the most.

Not too bad.

I'm amazed that you didn't pass on Wurmy1029 and Vincoid. Upon viewing those two, I was sure that they'd be standing off in the finals. Granted, Doomshock was right up there with them, but I found that he didn't have much of a variety. It seemed that he specified in one form of layout. His characters did move fairly realistically, though. Regardless, Wurmy and Vincoid were easily the top competitors.