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Stick and Stick Episode 4

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Why hello everyone.

That being said, I will truthfully say this is the 4th episode of the series. It's weird. But I'm just improving a little bit with my episodes, I look back at them you know.

-3 songs added! =)
-Fix the generic and creepy background from episode 3.
-The ^_^ person has returned.
-Quite a better storyline.

It's great now that I know how to start songs and to stop them. Before, they would continuously
play, well not anymore.

Some scenes may go too fast. So if needed, stop it if you need to read the text.

Sadly, I have no microphone, but with hope, when I have time. I will get to it. Promise.

Also, another point, I won't make another episode for awhile. Since it's labour day and my last holiday. I gotta get back to studying and all. *Highschool*

This has sticks, if you don't like sticks, don't watch them. If you are preparing to write a hateful review with no points to improve, people will probably state you as abusive and in hopes, probably review delete.

Enjoy the show.

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Much the same as 3

This episode really only came up with one new thing - an object for the two sticks to play with. Personally, I think it was far too bulky for a pencil, but since I'm not the animator, I don't really get much say.

From the point of view of the viewer, I'd say that the pencil could do with being longer and thinner, so that it fits better. Possibly a splash of colour, which would bring the piece to life, so to speak.

I said about the subtitles in my last review, I'm hoping to see more improvements in the next edition.

[Review Request Club]

Great, but has audio problems

I am amazed how good this turned out to be, even though you dont you much animation.

But what I didn't like was the music in the background. The music itself was good, but what annoyed me was that it was always stopping instead of been played fluently. Maybe you can improve that.

no animation

there was no animation but it still was funny


The audio in the background is really annoying, kinda like you looped it at weird parts just to save space- or you compressed the audio file so much that it humps through. Anyways the graphics are much more pleasant to view now, like if you put at least some effort into drawing them. Which is good... this turns out to be quite an interesting series


I liked the looping music and the stick guys questioning their purpose, but it could've been a bit funnier. I like when the one guy is dying though, that's the climax of the flash. The best thing you did was emotions and expressions, very nice.

BTW, I can do some voice acting if you're interested

Lost-Wisdom responds:

Really, that's awful nice of you, well, whenever your online, just tell me there. Then we can talk and maybe I can ask you to do some sort scripts of them talking.