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Arbez-updated WIP

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This was merely one of my first flash project that I started working, years ago that I stopped and placed on the back burner due to many new jobs and projects. This includes alot of changes and updates that I did but never submitted or showed on the newgrounds. One day I will sit down and complete it maybe. Enjoy or hate it that is perfectly fine. You may critique to your hearts content.

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That mini movies was kick ass, go you guys.


This has awesome potential! If you ever get the time, you should definitely finish it.

nice movie

it was like ghost in the shell meets bladerunner col hope you finsh it


Nice graphics and songs, i liked the video but you could bet more on the action.
There are parts of it where you cant wait anymore!


the beginning with all the flybys was very well done and very nice to look at. the action at the end was pretty cool too, even though most of it is incomplete. i'd love to see the finished version.