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Legend of Korah Prologue

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I was in a mood for drawing one day, so I decided to make a character named "Korah". People liked Korah, so I decided to create a story to go with it. I used my pal Panda66's swords and his story called "Scars" and used it to create this series called, "The Legend Of Korah". This is just the prologue, but the real deal action will come in future episodes.

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Soz for late review been busy reviewing other animations like SMBZ anyways good work

cant wait!!

cant wait for the 1st episode to come out!!

Pretty good

Pretty good nf keep up the work

Soooo much potential

I know how frustrating it can be to edit your story into the sprite you make so, having to do them all has to be really annoying.

That said, you can do so much better man, I know it. Be careful with those sprites cause they have a habit of being blammed on this site.

Great work, I didn't get the full experience cause there was no sound, but great idea I look forward to watching the first one, in about two seconds. lol


Nice job. Can't w8 for the firs episode. This will be lik the legend of Zelda except different. Hope it comes out soon.