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Hunter Madness

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Go On A Hunting Safari!
What More Could You Want? Play Through Nine Exotic, Different Levels, Ranging From Calm Waterfalls, To The Icy Arctic, In This First Person Shooter!

Here's My Submission For The Armor Gaming Challenge #6. I Decided To Get An Early Start. I Meant To Submit On The Hour It Became The First Of September, But I Was Backtracked With Various Problems. I Picked Out Special Audio For Every Level, I Did It Myself, And Made Sure It Added To The Ambiance, Take Your Time, And Enjoy A Variety Of Hand-Picked Ambient/Techno Songs.

This Game Has Taken Me A Long Time To Make, I Am Very Proud Of It. It Is My Best Creation So Far, And It Marks A Turning Point In All Of My Future Projects.
I Really Want To Thank My Friends And Family, For Being So Supportive, And Encouraging Me To Continue When I Encountered Problems I Thought I Could Never Fix.

Have Fun Playing, And Don't Forget To Tell Your Friends About The Game!

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This game is great!

This game is great! Even though the graphics aen't too goo it is cool and I really like how well the music fits. Sure animals look like they were dawn in 5 seconds, but that's 'cause they probobly were! The game is still awsome! I think the menu showing upcoming levels i really cool too. It shows you a bit of what's next but you really just gotta guess it's almost an inspiation! Great work and good job with the music it fits perfect. Any good game is nothing without great music so I need to congratulate the audio workers as well, they made almost half of the fun of the game!

Sup?, Chouji

k p2 , Hey, i like this game, just, i have a question.....
is there a possible way to get more shots in the next level?
if u keep em, obviously........ well, thats all, Peace off....
cought* Cabanegros, Cought*


It was okay. Just a bit......carnivalish. And it sucks that when you lose you have to start over. Make it seem a bit more serious and give a continue option and it will be great!


games good but theyre r a couple glitches like bunnies dont die wen they get shot in the head

i likez it 2

i give it a 9 its a cool game but wen i shoot da bunnies in da head they no die :(
lolz i like wen u shoot da birds there feathers go everywere
nice game

chouji7 responds:

hahaha, im glad you enjoyed it.
and i dont know whats wrong, i tested the game 1,000+ times, and they always die, maybe you are missing, and not shooting them. xD
thanks for the review.