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Saloon Shootout

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Author Comments

A western game i made to tryout the ability to switch weapons and have limited clip size


mouse-aim & shoot

.:!! NOTE !!:.

You can only shoot him when he pops up to shoot you!!


A bit hard.

Even if you find the health and such its still a relitivly hard game. Not to mention, the fact that it has no story at all, or even a point to it. I mean why should I play this game? Whats fun about it? To answear those questions, not alot. And you shouldent. The graphics of this game were okay, but it didint solve the problem of the game. Next time make a point to play the game, highscores or somthing.

Cool Game!

Nerd-02 didn't know about the health by the table did he?

too slow

this game had nice graphics and could have been better if the shooting was faster and we didnt have 2 wait a few mins just to get shot at them

arrrrg! its imposible.

i liked it good game, but its almost imposible to beat since you yourself have no cover. you should have had something you could stand behind.

The gameplay is not in any way engaging.

You got points for the music and the fact that it was in black & white, but there's no real game here. All you do is memorize where to stand as the drunken robot follows its pre-set pattern forever.

Here are some suggestions on how you could transform this game into a good game:
-One shot to the head kills the enemy, and there's more than one enemy.
-When a bullet hits the player or a bad guy, the bullet disappears at the point where it hit flesh, and there should be at least a burst of blood or a sound effect to indicate a hit.
-They pop up, aim at you, fire, then hide again.
-Killing one enemy should be easy.
-Surviving the entire wave should be hard, but not impossible.
-The player should never wind up in a situation where, through no fault of their own, they MUST take dammage.
-Enemies should react to the player's behavior, not follow pre-set patterns.
-Surviving one wave of enemies should take about 30 seconds.
-After a good, solid wave of combat, the player should get a chance to take a break. The player chooses when this break is over. It could involve a shopping menu, a "STAGE CLEAR Press any key to continue" screen, the word GO -> flashing while the game waits for the player to walk through a door, whatever.
-When the game resumes, there needs be something new. New background, different enemies, new weapons for the player to use, whatever.
-Power-ups are fun.
-Scavaging for limited ammo while you're surrounded by deadly enemies is NOT fun.

These are all fairly common concepts in video games. And given what's already in the game, I don't think you'll ahve too much trouble implementing them. You can IM me if you have any questions about coding, but I think you know how to code pretty well. Your design just isn't much fun. Refine it and try again. :)

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Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2007
9:16 AM EDT
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