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10 Second Rush

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Author Comments

EDIT1: Sorry the highscores weren't working, I uploaded a fixed version so it should accept the update soon.

I've worked hard on this game and I hope you like it. This is my first REAL game so please be gentle in your reviews, speaking of reviews please leave one because I respond to every single one.

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good game jesse

hey good first game hahahaha.

nice job

nice game i liked it and the music =]

azwsxdcrfv responds:


Four second frenzy

Try working on the title; It doesnt really go together. try, "Ten soncond Tension" Or something like that.

azwsxdcrfv responds:

Ok, I'll try something different in my next game, and thanks for the ten!

Short but sweet


The art was minimalistic, but it definitely worked. It wasn't too original, I've seen the style in many games recently. The colors went very well together. In every level there was a perfect balance of every color, and in some levels a perfect balance of warm and cool colors. It certainly capture the eye. The symmetry of the animation and level design was a great touch, and the music and cursor helped as well. As these elements in my opinion really helped the game. 7/10.


I was disappointed when it ended, but you know what that means? It was fun! I really enjoyed gameplay. I was quickly thinking up strategies as well as testing which would work, avoid the bad colors, and watching the clock at the same time. The multasking made it fun. I would say the biggest con was that it was far too short, I would have liked to see it doubled.


How long was the gameplay itself? I could figure it out if I remembered how many levels there were. And congratulations on your first game. It's a pretty good one too. And it's impressive for your age (not that I should be saying crap like that, I'm a 12 year old programmer too).

azwsxdcrfv responds:

Thanks for the very helpful review, my brother tested it and said it was to long at 20 levels so I just made 15 instead. I don't have much drawing skill so I went with simple and plain.


not extremely original, and not cutting edge, but not something i have seen an exact copy of before. a pretty nice game, excusing the laag now and then.
i gave this a 3/5:
MARK 1: there were no technical flaws i experienced when playing the game
MARK 2: the game was a good idea with the 10 second thing and is much better than the ones where you just keep going until u get all the dots.
MARK 3: the music was good. some people just choose rubbish music for their submissions and considering you have to listen to it all the time, it can wreck a game
you have (admittedly) done very well for bieng twelve, but here are some improvements.
a pause button would be helpful. i was strapped to the game because i couldnt get off or pause to talk to anyone on msn. so i think a pause button would help. next, when you press M i think it should say "are you sure you want to go to the menu?" because i nearly accidentally pressed it and i can imagine bieng on the last level and doing that accidentally.
laag was another problem. i dont know why i experienced laag... i shouldnt really. i guess this must just be me. ;)
i think either in replacement of or to add yopu should have several tutorial levels showing all the different bad and good objects.
next, it would be good if you could number the levels so you can keep a track of where you are.
well, i think that is just about it... im pretty sure lol
thanks alot. good game overall and not bad from a 12 year old
iwannacookie ;)

azwsxdcrfv responds:

Thanks, your the only person who acctually tried to give me advice. Just incase you didn't notice you can press 'q' to change the quality at any time.

Credits & Info

4.53 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2007
1:21 PM EDT