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The Impossible Quiz 2

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Thanks for the Front Page!!

Well, here it is. The second and maybe-not-so-final Impossible Quiz! It's actually been out since Thursday, but the file was 11mb and I couldn't upload it here. But after some MORE compression, i've managed to get it to 9.99mb (WHOAOA).

So, it's the same idea as before. Try to answer all of the questions without DYING! It was never going to be easy to make a sequel to the first quiz, but i've tried my best. The questions start off a little bit easier this time round, but gradually get harder. You can use your Skips and Fusestoppers freely (I PROMISE), so there's no need to save them.

Enjoy! :D

Unfortunately, there have been a few problems regarding the music, so it had to go. Sorry!

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what a addictive game...

LOL, 69. By the way, some questions are hard so i know question 120 is the final and unskippable + a bomb ranging from 10 secs XD so i give 4 stars, if i have no skip in Q33, well im screwed... welp u must click the 33 so DON'T CLICK THE WORD THIS IN Q34 IT GIVES U A GAME OVER! in Q41, u see bottom right corner and ull see the 2nd fusestopper, so if i have no skip in Q50, well i press Tab to start over. That all! JK, i learned to complete Q50 on arcadeprehacks.com so THE END! JK! AGAIN! so i only reach Q87, so i give 2.5 stars instead, that's why. The End... :C jk, it takes too much to load... ill give 2 stars.. the end

gg!! but I got E rank. at first I hated question 67 because it was a lifestealer, but then I learned how to cheat ;). nice game. hence the 5 lives you get in this quiz, impossible quiz 1 is a lot easier


Too Hard...