An Unfortunate Corpse

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*June 2011 Update

For anyone interested in watching more of my recent dark animations and artwork visit my website at:



Collaboration of ideas between me and my mate

The tail of a man who wished for eternal life...with one draw back when under the gaze of the moonlight.

We had been making a few character poems a while back and i felt this one needed to be animated to help show what i was imagining. The character i designed is also in an animation set i made so check that out too www.darkgaruda.deviantart .com

I'm pretty useless when it comes to poetry so my mate did that while i did the rest

You may need to replay this once for reading the poem, and after to see the details i added heh

for the full version of the poem erm i have it somewhere but if you're interested ah whatever...i had to cut some it up so, hope it makes sense and hope you can read it...enjoy!

-Killswitch Engage: 'My Last Serenade'
-Silent Hill - 'Main Theme'
-Silent Hill 2 - 'Stairs of Fire'


Good poem but depressing...

Nevertheless it is good to see poetry on newgrounds, but your choice made it have an all too cyncial atmosphere, which i suppose was the intention. I feel I have to explain to those who don't understand; The mans greed in wishing for an eternal soul, cost him his body. Poems message is greed 'decays' a man and makes him alone.

Such potential

Terrific concept, moody music, spectacular artwork, beautifully dark feel, and well-written poetry. But I didn't like it.

You guys really seem to have a good thing going with the poetry/animation mix, which is why I was so disappointed to find that, while the poem was entertaining, the animation itself was nothing more than a well-drawn guy... walking. I think, since you're so good at animation, you should make a real animation. Keep the poem the way it is, and do a full-fledged animated short to match. This really has potential for a darkly beautiful masterpiece. Don't let it go to waste.


Not too bad. The only problems were that the frame rate sucked, it was really choppy and a little slow. The poem was pretty good, aside from a few mistakes. The atmosphere you set was very nicely done. Also your art is very well drawn, particularly the background objects. Keep it up and work hard. ^_^

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Good poem

Why didn't you get a voice actor to read the poem, while telling the story in animation form. The way you executed your idea ended up just being a showcase for the poety, and not much of a movie in and of itself.

I would've done a 9 but

A. you made the font unbearable to read.
B. you used a final fantasy song
C.a narrator would have helped the font.

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Aug 29, 2007
7:53 PM EDT

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