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Why Can't You Kill SBC?

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Author Comments

This was the output of a frame by frame experiment, which might I add went pretty well for me. I then did some modifications and added a song and plot (yes, there is a plot, if you don't realize that you are pretty dim..) and it was well recieved, so i submitted it here. Vote fair, do NOT bias for it being a Clock Movie, because you know that if you made a movie you don't want yours biased against. Look for the qualities of it including sound quality, animation quality and entertainment, then make your choice. Or, be like about 1000 more drones who vote 0 for no reason. Oh well, this is too long a rant, so I might as well stop it. Enjoy!

REQUESTED: Please, if you have epilepsy, or any kind of problems with rapid flashing lights, do not watch this movie, I don't want anyone hurt by it.

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u cant kill him b/c of clones.

i say u cant kill him b/c he is just an animation.

ScrewdriverClock responds:

You worship me.


5'd and added to favorites! The best answer to that Question so far.

ScrewdriverClock responds:

Of course it is.

You need to warn people your playing Death Metal

A volumn button and warning in the preloader is a must !!!! 0/10

ScrewdriverClock responds:

Nah, I like it.


My eyes, ears, and head all hurt now.

I can't really offer any constructive criticism, the animation was o.k, but that wasn't even really "random funny," it was just annoyingly loud.

ScrewdriverClock responds:

Animation is god. Thanks.

Oh Wow, How Creative

I mean, seriously. The sheer creativity just oozes out of this piece of flash.

You had no need for plot. This flash rises above plot. Somehow, it manages to circumvent the need for a story, and thus, on the surface, appears to have no semblance of a reason for existing. But when you look beyond this, you see that the humor, the vast amount of jokes make it all really worthwhile. Little plot is needed when you are just so funny. I'm serious about that.

Then there was the flawless technical aspects, animation, and art ability. You truly showcased that minimalist art goes way beyond even the best, hand-drawn flash animations here at Newgrounds. The music, with it's ear-dissintigrating, thrashing quality shows us that an attack on the viewer is truly a good thing. Then, when combined with the truly original, never before seen strobed effect, everything just falls together into a masterpiece worthy of the smithsonian. The simple movement just added to this, and the fact that it was a 2 second loop just made your truly divine artistic sense show through.

You should truly be proud of what you have done. It takes serious unwork to do what you did.

ScrewdriverClock responds:

Flash By Geode-Stone: None