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Hi all ! Hope you enjoy this short movie! This is the first time i used flash CS3 so i hope it isnt so bad.
The characters are, to the people that dont understand:
Black Ball --- Main character ----The litle son
Yellow Ball --- Second Main character --- The villan
Red Ball ---Secondary character ---- Big Brother
Green Ball ---Secondary character ---- Dad
Pink Ball --- Secondary character----Mom

So hope you enjoy it! It took me away some hours to make it, its simple yet enjoyable. :)

This animation has its artistic moments...


The black ball was kidnaped by the evil yellow ball! The B. Ball tryes to escape the box that he is trapped! But since he was making so much noise banking at the walls the Y. Ball destroyed a wall and went after him. Then its a period of slow motion...he tries to jump over him. Then he makes a run for it but hes afraid to go alone to the streets and the Y. Ball grabs him! He twists around he pulls the Y.Ball to the wall (nice strenght), and he runs away thinking that its better to be in the street. He calls his family by the phone (you cant see that part cause hes outside) and tries to "play" whit him making noises on the walls. The Y.Ball tries to understand what noises that were. B. Ball comes back for revenge, but still alone. He tries to follow him from behind but the Y. Ball finds out where he was.
But at that moment B. Ball family show up and try to stop Y. Ball. A non visible fight scene happends. But the Y. Ball runs away destroying another wall. B. Ball family tries to see where he went leaving B. Ball all alone. And Y. Ball kidnaps B. Ball again to his secret base. B. Ball says to Y. Ball a nasty catch frase ;) . Then Y. Ball says that he is going to die! B. Ball hides himself in a corner of the cell he is held prisoner.
Minutes later his family shows up again. R. Ball tries to find out where is Y. Ball. But after he tries to find him Y. Ball kills R. Ball. The noise alerted G. Ball so he went to investigate. He find Y. and R. Ball but...R. Ball is dead. :( .So G. Ball "kills" Y. Ball while P. Ball unlock the prisoner cell. G. Ball comes back to tell the sad news. He goes back to the room and carries his corpse out of there.


The rest of the animation is just a litle "humorous thing i made..."



that vid helps kids from getting cancer

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animatore responds:

lol why? XD

Back to the basics

I actually enjoyed the simplicity behind this. It's like going back to the roots of where everything starts. Simple balls and lines. The music actually fit the storyline well. It kept it from dragging on. It did have its lengthy moments but overall great job for a first :)

animatore responds:

Thanks :) i apreciate the review.

I liked this!

Good idea, Becuse I have always belived this is what balls get up 2.

animatore responds:

The balls are up for Balls ! Thanks for the review


it was too long(and too boring)... it was painfull watching through the whole movie...
but that's mostly because of the music. and if you had made the balls so that you could see which way they were looking, then this movie would have been much better(also... the lack of sound effects was also disturbing) but i guess i'm just a little picky :P

animatore responds:

I kinda have to agree with you but its my animation and i cant speak bad about it :P
Its a little boring...


it was alright tho mate.

animatore responds:

Thanks i know i know....i need to practice :)

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Aug 28, 2007
6:01 PM EDT
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