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Jed's Other Poem

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Author Comments

Jed's Other Poem by Grandaddy is about a robots struggle to make sense of things. Before Jed drank himself to death, he wrote a poem about his stay on Earth. You decide what's going on. In this movie, Jed is dealing with emotions and the human nature around him. Are humans ready for robots, are robots really ready for humans?

I emailed this to the band, but did not get any response. It has been 2 weeks and counting now. I waited anxiously.

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I admit that I was confused by this. I mean, the song was really sad. The animation just looked really goofy. It was hard to understand. I guess I'll give it points for at least being creative. It's just incomprehensible.

I wish that it went further. It's great to have surreal stuff, but it needs to be more surreal. It needs to be brighter and more colorful. I kept thinking it said "Jedi". We like "Star Wars" too much.


Not to be mean... but that almost made me hate grandaddy. Oh and i dont know what the dude under me said but uh... it was cool whatever it was.

Grandaddy is +34 p\/\/N

Oh and i didnt even really watch the whole thing but it isnt very good.

* ...

Deep and insightful ... perhaps.

Let me challenge you with this piece.

A small boy is born without two arms, he only has one.
He keeps dreaming over and over again of being trapped hanging somehow on the metal bridge to a train crossing where a young woman is reaching to help him.

he is obsessed with this vision and perhaps sees this as the only way to meet his true love is to put himself in this predicament so he can finally meet her.

To this end his parents try to "snap him out of it" to show that this will never happen, they stand in his way so he violently murders his parents at a very young age, his family priest, his Godfather, and all surviving siblings until he is known, hated, and feared as a dangerous psychotic killer.

He finally finds the train tracks in his dream.
He nearly remembers the place where he must be hanging on the tracks to meet her when he remembers in the dream, he was holding on with both hands. He only has one hand.

As he ponders this, a train slam-runs him down dead from the back. He never had a chance to avoid it.
End of piece.

The moral ?
There is is insightful wisdom in the deepest bowl of warm crap.
... If you look hard enough.

The credit could be given to the observer, not the one who created the item to be observed in some cases. As always, the majority will tell you what is reality, and we must often abide by it and it's rules.

Sometimes it can't be helped. Other times it can. Don't let this be a deterrent in your search for acceptance with others.



Great Video!

This is a nice little movie to go with the good sounding track, it is very fitting and well made all and all.
The Music quality could have been bulked up a bit more, though that would increase the file size, I still feel that it would have been worth the few couple hundred KB's.
Nice job though!

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2001
9:22 PM EST